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About Chehalis Coworks

Chehalis Coworks is a coworking space offering anyone with a laptop and a dream to connect socially or work independently in their own, very cool (dare we say!) workspace in downtown Chehalis. Amenities include a conference room with whiteboards and big screen TV, and the adjacent “Think Space” room is intentionally designed to bring people together in a low-key, relaxed setting. And, of course, what is a coworking space without blazing high-speed, secure fiber internet, a printer/copier, Keurig coffee station and shared kitchen!

We’re excited to bring coworking to Chehalis.  Chehalis CoWorks is a collaborative effort by the Port of Chehalis and Experience Chehalis to encourage independent businesses, remote workers, and travelers to flourish while providing necessary technology in an intentionally-designed workspace.

For more information, or to schedule a tour of our coworking space please email us at or call 360-345-1738.

Coworking Memberships

Daily Drop-in


$20 / day with access from 6 am – 10 pm. at Chehalis Coworks. Non-member conference room rate.

Stop by for the Day

Weekly Work


$40 / week with access from 6 am – 10 pm. access at Chehalis Coworks. Conference room rental 1 hour free.

Grab a Seat

Monthly Membership


$100 / month with 24/7 access at Chehalis Coworks. Conference room rental 2 hours / week free.

Stay a While

Conference Room Rental


Non-members can rent our conference room for $20/hour.  Our conference room is equipped to stream your web conferences, inches away from caffeine, and accommodates 8-10 people. Chehalis Coworks members can reserve based on their membership.

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Why Choose Coworking?

Working in a shared office space has a number of benefits, both personal and professional.

Fiber Internet

Super fast connection speeds mean you don’t have to wait on your laptop.


Coworking offers the flexibility to work on what you want, when you want.


Work in a professional (yet relaxed) atmosphere free of distractions.


Efficiency goes up and motivation comes easier in an environment built for it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How do I access Chehalis Coworks?
A:  We use a keyless entry system. We have two easy ways to access the space:

  • Once you are outside the front door, visit on your mobile device.  In the top right, tap Log In and enter your email and password.  Once you are logged in, tap the drop-down arrow in the top right of the screen and select Keys.  A padlock icon will appear.  Tap this icon and the door will unlock.
  • Download the app for iPhone and Android.  Get it now, by looking up “Proximity Mobile” in the App Store and on Google Play.  It works just like the browser version, but BETTER! All you need to do is log in to start unlocking doors, booking reservable resources, and more!


Q:  Can I take telephone calls in the shared desk area?

A:  Yes.  Members usually prefer to wear headphones/earbuds and are respectful keeping voices low when on calls.


Q:  What parking is available for members?

A: Two-hour parking is available on Market Boulevard.  Parking Lot F near McFiler’s Chehalis Theater offers all-day parking.  Monthly parking permits in city lots can also be obtained.  Call the Chehalis Police Department to inquire at 360-748-8605.  Currently, free parking is available in the private lot located off Boistfort Street behind Marketplace Square.


Q:  Can someone show me around so I can preview the space?

A:  Yes.  Please email us at info@chehaliscoworks or call us at 360-345-1738 to schedule a tour of Chehalis Coworks.